Seminar: The Power of Empathy
Freiburg, April 16th - 18th 2010
Positive Kommunikation
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Effective Communication Skills for Work and Home

The deeper we connect with ourselves and others, the more we enjoy life.

Positive relationships are crucial for a happy and fulfilling life: good relations with friends and colleagues, a harmonious family life or a successful intimate partnership are aspects that are crucial to our experience of joy and well-being. Moreover, our relationships reflect the most important relationship of all: the relationship to ourselves.

It is an art to remain true to who we are, to create positive relationships and live in harmony with others. In order to master this art communication and empathy skills are of vital importance.

Our weekend seminars offer time and space to practice positive communication and learn an effective method to connect deeply with people. Through a variety of exercises and role playing each participant will have the possibility to practice a special communication technique which has the potential to transform every relationship in life.

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